A Brief History of My soap-Making Hobby During the late 1960’s and early 1970’s I studied in Eugene, Oregon which at that time had a vibrant craft community. I began to make candles but over time became concerned that very high temperatures of wax were needed to produce a smooth candle. In 1973, I found John Toso’s hand-made soaps in Ashland, Oregon and decided to switch from a candle-making hobby to soap making. John was very gracious in providing directions for producing soap, and put me in touch with suppliers for fragrance, color, and coconut oil. for about the first 15 years, I produced soap with a beef tallow base complemented by a 15% component of coconut oil. This was a durable soap, but did not lather much. when I began using palm oil in place of the beef tallow, the new soap lathered very well while maintaining its durability: it did not break down easily in water. I began producing soap in 1973 and have at my peak made over 13,000 bars in one year. My production is now only a shadow of that earlier time when there were few hand-made soaps available. I market my soap in three locations in Red Deer, AB: Sunworks, Country Cupboard, and the Kerry Wood Nature Centre. My soap can be purchased from me directly. I have been making a Natural soap without color or fragrance. I produce an Oatmeal which includes ground oat flour.  My Lemon soap has a wonderful lemon fragrance. To this I add a miniscule amount of yellow coloring. My green Cucumber soap has a very fresh yet mild cucumber fragrance. Recently, I needed to find a new supplier of fragrance. I was very lucky to become acquainted with Aromatic Creations in Washington State. You will find the new frgrances produced by Aromatic are superior to what I have been using over the past thirty years. Aromatic Creations introduced me to the newest fragrance that I use : Milk & Honey.

Ordering Information: Unwrapped soaps are $1.50 per bar. Wrapped soap $2.oo Shipping costs will vary depending on where you live and the amount ordered. Please email me at to place your order.