I am writing this introduction to anyone who is considering talking to me about life.

What do we know about life?

Everything changes:

our bodies

our health

our relationships

our possessions

our environment

and how we think about these changes.


When change occurs in our lives, we need to adjust, recover or prepare for these changes. And we want to adjust in the best possible ways for ourselves and those around us.


How are we to live?       Is my life meaningful to me?

Am I happy? Should I want to be happy and content with my life?

Do I want to contribute to my family, my community, my work?


Is it possible to change?


Engaging a Coach to consider changes in your life.

If you think of sports, like tennis or hockey, coaches are common to the athletes who participate. The coach is hired to bring out the best performance in these athletes, helping them to develop skills and to learn strategies that will help them win their games. You can partner with a coach who will help you focus on your life. This coach will help you FOCUS, in the same way that a photographer will focus the lens of a camera to take an effective picture. A coach for your life will help you:

Focus on the present. The life you have is the one you are living right now.

Focus on skillful living

If living with another person, to participate effectively with your partner

If a parent, to lead and guide your children

Working at the right job

Developing meaning and motivation for your work

Sustaining your health

Enjoying recreation

Building assets